Light sensitive lenses → Lighten indoors & darken outdoors in record time

What is Neochromes?

Neochromes is a new generation of photochromic lenses. These high-performance light-activated lenses provide prescription glasses-wearers a choice to simplify their day-to-day by having one pair of glasses for all occasions.

Neochromes use an innovative and efficient smart photochromic technology instantly adapt to changing light, providing optimal eye protection from glare and harmful rays, and reducing eye fatigue for maximum comfort. With its attractive tints and appearance, color consistency and performance, lens users will feel right in any light, in any activity, indoors or outdoors, in all kinds of weather and in all seasons.

The technology is state-of-the-art, so now is the right time to make the choice for ultimate convenience and great looks.


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Neochromes Benefits

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Greater comfort than standard clear lenses in changing light conditions.

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Daily protection against harmful UV light, by blocking 100% of UVA and UVB Rays.

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Blue light filter to protect the eyes from potentially damaging HEV light.

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Fast adaptation to changes of light in any environment.


How Neochromes Work

What do they look like indoors?
Crystal clear.

How quickly do they darken?
In just seconds.

How long do they take to fade back indoors?
At standard room temperature, they fade back in just a few minutes.

Neochromes Colors → Brown & Gray

Neochromes lenses are available in the 2 most popular sunglass colors: brown and grey. Easily combinable colors with any look!


Brown is a very popular color. It looks cosmetically very attractive. They are especially good for people who want a little more contrast in their vision, as it helps improve the reds and oranges in our vision. These are some of its main benefits:

  • They offer a comfortable vision and reflect warm colors, but without making great color alterations.
  • They improve contrasts and increase depth of field.
  • They filter blue radiation, they are the most suitable for people who have myopia.
  • Recommended for people who practice outdoor sports.
  • Excellent for variable weather conditions.
  • Those who drive for a long time, for example, taxi drivers.
  • Recommended for those who have just undergone surgery: after cataract surgery or refractive surgery, these types of lenses are needed for a good recovery.


Glasses with gray lenses are a good choice for people who wear them for general purposes. Indicated for any activity carried out outdoors, they are perfect for sunny days and very useful when there is an annoying light intensity on cloudy days. Its main benefits are:

  • They manage to reduce eye fatigue.
  • They dim the lighting allowing you to see the real colors.
  • They are a very popular option for people who value practicality and functionality, as they can serve both as normal lenses indoors and as sunglasses outdoors.
  • They keep colors more neutral while also reducing glare if you just want to have a couple of transitions that go darker in the sun without altering your color perception.

Choose the colors that best suits you!


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